Peachtree Corners launches integrated city management system


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Waste exported in 2017 now returned - BBC News - Sri Lanka returns 'hazardous waste' to UK #waste #DutyofCare

National action on food waste helps countries meet their commitments to the Paris Agreement say #champions123 @WRIFood report. #SDG123 is a global target - every country, company, individual has a role. @Comms_IGD. Here @MarcusGoer outlines why we must act

can't wait to turn 45, get really mad about something online, then try and become the MP of it

Imagine #Wales with:

Good housing for all
Well funded NHS
Localism government
Non means-tested welfare
Food & water security
Ubiquitous broadband
Good minimum infrastructure
Free education whichever path we choose
Locally owned SMEs & Coops the backbone of our economy


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Can’t believe your 280 character tweet didn’t include caveats for every possible way it could be wilfully misunderstood