“If we can make a bigger impact by getting more people involved — create more opportunities for women here — then it’s worth it,” — Tricia Zimmer, a co-owner of St. Louis-based @Kaldis_Coffee.

Yes! You can improve your social media profiles in one hour or less. Here are 10 tips you need to know. #socialforgood

Trust in the just transition: Why tinkering won't work

Do you have what it takes to change the world? WasteAid are giving you the chance to contribute ideas & solutions for positive global change by working together to generate some great solutions. Head to to view the challenges & be part of something bigger

If unsustainable business practices and corporate corruption hold the same root cause, can they be solved together as one problem?

eeek for a minute when I heard that Ferguson had become caretaker manager of Everton, I thought it was Sir Alex... 😆 @S1monWalker

Our infrastructure revolution will bring positive change to our country and economy. Enjoyed talking to @FraserNelson about how, and why, a Conservative majority government will do it:

Scotland due to it's small population is grossly over represented in the Westminster Parliament, they return MPs from the sparsely populated Highland regions to represent a couple of dozen people and 5,000 sheep, how can it be that the SNP return 51 MPs for 1.5million votes ffs?