Code of practice.

This is a summary of the WMBA Code of Practice which applies to all WMBA members in full. This is an extract only, the full Code may be downloaded.

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We believe this Code of Practice is fundamental in establishing the nature of the service provision delivered by WMBA members.

1. General Requirements

The Code of Practice will apply to all members without exception. The Code of Practice may be amended in the interest of continual improvement by the Core members.

Members in breach of the Code of Practice will be investigated by the WMBA Committee, who will determine appropriate action, which may include removal from WMBA membership.

2. Service Provision

Members will provide a comprehensive service that best suits the Customer requirements. Mobilisation or removal of services shall be dealt with in a planned approach to cause minimal service disruption over as short a time as is practicable. Where collections are missed, timely arrangements to remedy the situation will be agreed to the satisfaction of all parties.

3. Compliance

Members shall ensure in combination with their selected contractors, that the service provision is fully compliant with all applicable Legislative requirements, codes of practice, contractual and order requirements, environmental requirements and health and safety performance.

4. Contractor Selection & Monitoring

Contractors are selected on the basis of their ability to provide satisfactory services that are safe and environmentally sound. Their service performance is monitored to ensure these criteria are met consistently. This may include desktop checks of documentation, completion of questionnaires as well as site audits.

5. Contractor Requirements

Contractors are expected to provide services in agreement with contract and order requirements in full compliance with site requirements, good health and safety and environmental management. This also includes correct and compliant documentation.

6. Billing

Member prices shall be clear in all quotations, tenders and invoicing and as agreed by any contractual arrangements. Additional charges and their justification shall be clearly shown.
Members will pay contractors in a timely manner in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.

7. Staff

Member’s staff shall be competent to undertake their duties based on suitable education, qualifications, training and experience. Trainees shall have an appropriate induction programme and supervision until deemed competent. Staff at all times shall be professional, courteous and helpful.

8. Complaints Handling

Members will have robust arrangements for timely dealing with complaints including appropriate recording, investigation, handling and resolution to the satisfaction of concerned parties. When initial resolution proves to be difficult, the member shall have an escalation procedure and shall report regularly to interested parties pending a resolution.

9. Co-operation with Enforcement Authorities

Members are expected to fully co-operate with the National Environmental, Health & Safety, Highways and Fire Enforcement agencies. Members will declare any significant enforcement action to the WMBA.

10. Advertising

Any advertising material issued by members must not be misleading and must clearly describe the service offering. The content must comply with all applicable legislation and codes of practice.

The use of the WMBA is restricted as to how it may be used, sizes and colours. The use of the logo will be withdrawn should any member be found in serious breach of the WMBA Code of Practice.