Following the delivery of #Budget2021 in @UKParliament. Chancellor @RishiSunak is hosting a live press conference.

Great support for fisheries enforcement! The @metpoliceuk join Op Traverse – the multi-agency initiative targeting illegal fishing and fish theft co-ordinated by the Angling Trust in partnership with @EnvAgency @EnvAgencySE @MPSHavering @LBofHavering -

Wales currently consumes 2.5 planets worth of resources but wants to work towards using only its fair share. This webinar will explore whether a circular economy, where resources are valued and waste is avoided, can reduce what Wales consumes. Book here:

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According to @WRAP_UK 70% of all wasted food in the UK comes from homes. That’s 4.5 million tonnes of tasty food wasted. But we can save every last crumb! Find out more on the Chilled Education website. #FoodWasteActionWeek

The reaction from green economy experts to #Budget2021 is in and it is more than a touch underwhelmed. BG+